How Frequently will you cut my grass?

 We prefer to mow weekly, especially in the heavy growing season, but we will however work out a schedule that best fits

 your particular needs and budget.  We normally try to work between a once a week schedule or 10 day schedule or a 2 week

 schedule.  (Remember though that opting for a 2 week schedule may result in a higher price per cut cost depending on your

 lawn's growth pattern.) 

What about when the grass isn't growing much, will you still mow?

 This answer is simple, if we ever show up and your lawn does not need to be cut due to lack of rain or excessive heat,

 we WILL NOT cut it!  We don't believe in taking your money if your lawn doesn't need to be cut.  We do, however thank

 you in advance for giving us a call to let us know your grass doesn't need cut,  it saves us gas and time, which in turn

 helps keep our prices low and your cost down as well.

 Will you trim and blow the grass off my sidewalks, porches, decks, etc.

Yes!  We always trim/ weed eat and blow off every single yard we do unless you specifically ask us not to do so.  These services              are included in your Quote.  All grass or debris created as a result of our services will be blown off anything it gets on as well as leaves on your porch or wherever.  Our goal is that you enjoy your outdoor areas, let us handle the work.

Do you do tree work?

Very Little.  We will trim low hanging limbs, some pruning, even some removal of trees, however, the trees must be smaller in size and be absolutely no risk of damage to any structures nearby.  We specialize in mowing and landscaping and that is what we are insured for.  There are several very capable tree services in our area that would be more than glad to help you out.  We may even have a card or two!

Can I choose the day or even time my lawn is mowed?

Ideally, we want everyone to have their service performed when they choose.  Logistically, this is difficult to manage.  We will do our best to perform your service as close to the day you wish, but in efforts to keep our costs down, we generally schedule your lawn with other customers in your general area.  We can however make some exceptions to this policy although it might likely raise the price of your service due to the extra travel time for our crews.

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